Conceptual Renders - 3D Home Design Services

Our 3D Home Design Services and Concept Renders package is best used by those that already have a designer or architect that created a set of plans. We take the plans that were created by others and within a few days provide you detailed 3D Images and walk through of what your home is going to look like.  If upon seeing the conceptual renders you would like to see changes we can add on our home planning services and customize the set of plans to give you alternate options.Take a look at our gallery to get an example of what we can provide you.

Why should I use a designer with 3D Capabilities?

Designing ones home in 3D is certainly not a new feature on the market. Unfortunately the quality of the final product can vary vastly depending upon who you use and what technology they have access to. Much like the original 3D hand rendering you can get something that accurately portrays your goals or a pile of paint on a board.  With today’s culture of need it now, and wanting to see multiple versions of a project hand rendering has become a much less sought after addition to a project. In order to keep up with the pace of the modern world designers have moved to computer drafting and  conceptual rendering using software like Chief Architect. With these tools, designers like ours at Interactive 3D Home Designs can create a design and make endless changes in a very short amount of time.

This technology has changed the way people design forever, not only does it help designers and clients to achieve their goals and effectively visualize space requirements, 3D renderings can also allow home owners to have the same idea of the project without having to know how to read architectural plans. 3D technology blows 2D out of the way in every possible way… almost Newer technology typically has new benefits.

3D home design coming from 2D is no different. Being able to take a flat 2D projection and give it depth, life and character really brings out what a home can be. Having these capabilities can allow home owners or companies to see a product and determine if it is exactly what they want or if they need to do some more research and customize their plans. I cannot count how many times I have had clients come to me saying “I have to have (Insert some color hardwood, or something they saw on houzz) in my house” only to look at it in 3D and realize that it does not work with their home. It could be their home does not have the same shape, style, or size but being able to see it helps them save from costly change orders.

One aspect of 2D design that is better than 3D is for construction documents. If you are building a home you cannot just have 3D pictures of it, you need to have details, elevations and plans. When I first started in this industry I remember my boss telling me often “A pretty picture can sell a job but can it be built”. If you do not have the documentation to build something all you really have is a pretty picture, in today’s world the only way to provide that is with 2D construction plans.

3D technology allows a walk through the design model

When a designer works in 3D technology, the design he makes is typically done in a single model. With this in a single model making large changes to finishes can be done in the blink of an eye. With the graphics software, we use all it takes is the push of a button and we can change the visualization of your entire house from a brick exterior to siding. See all the possibilities side by side so you can accurately determine which version suits your style the best.

These are the 4 best benefits of choosing a designer with 3D capabilities

• Speed

A proficient draftsman can design a 2D floor plan, and if done correctly all he needs to do is push a button and you have both a floor plan and a render of the space. If you would like to see an example of how fast some of these designs can be done take a look at our example here.

• Accuracy and flexibility

Designing your home in 3D gives a much more accurate representation of the final product compared to what you get with a traditional floor plan.

• Reduced preparation process

As we mentioned, thanks to the accuracy and flexibility of 3D modeling, designers are able to spend more time on completing other tasks, and less time on the preparation process.

• Level the playing field

See the exact same finished product that your builder sees so you both know what you are expecting. This drastically reduced the amount of miscommunication that leads to change orders and unneeded delays on your job site.

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to experience the benefits our 3D Home Design Services can offer you? If the answer is yes, then you already know what to do. Contact us today and see what it takes to help you see your dream and how we can help make that dream a reality!