What is our design style?

Design style is very dependent upon the person that you are. Our belief is that we should not be imposing our design style on you (unless that is your preference). We want to take your personal design style and use that information to give you the best outcome given your style.

What makes you different from other designers?

We have 2 things that make me stand out from the rest. We are not designing something for ourselves, We take your style and give you the best version of what you are looking for. We also allow for real-time interactive design meetings where we sit down and make changes to the plan in 3D so we can make 100’s of decisions in a very small amount of time.

What is your timeline for a project?

Because we like to stick to our design process we are able to get your projects in a very quick manner. In certain situations, we will be able to give you conceptual renders that day of the initial meeting (This is very dependent on the scope of work). After the initial meeting & measure/receiving existing plans, you can expect a full set of schematic plans within 5-7 business days.

What software do I use to create my floor plans and renders?

We use Chief Architect and Photoshop to create our renders and plans since I entered the industry. To add details to renders we also use Photoshop.

What makes you qualified to design my home?

We have designed over 100 Kitchens, Baths, new builds, and have been nominated and won many local design awards. Our principal designer, Aaron Lytal,  has received the 30 Under 30 Award from the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

What is the average cost of a project

Our projects can run from a small $600.00 bathroom design up to a $10,000.00+ New Construction project. We are very confident in our ability to give you an incredible plan at an even better price. Most projects require 50% deposit after initial conceptual plans have been received, and final 50% upon completion. Large scale projects will be done on a draw schedule. To find out more about our project costs check out our pricing page.

We offer volume discounts on our design and render services.

What areas of Houston do you operate in?

Given the digital nature of our work we are able to work from anywhere on any project as long as the information is given to us. Our area of full service (Measuring/Remodels) is limited to the Greater Houston Area. We will work outside of that location but will add on a travel fee.