Home Design Planning Services

Why do I need plans?

One thing that is missing all too often on residential remodeling projects is a good set of floor plans. The best way I equate it to clients is that you would not buy a car without knowing exactly what you are getting. You would not trust your dealer to say, yes it will have 4 doors and seat 7, it will have good gas mileage and just take his word for it. You would want something that makes you comfortable in your purchase. Yet I hear so many contractors in my past get away will just telling a client what they were going to do... We are going to add some cabinets here and move a shower over there and it is going to cost x amount. I have done a fair share of estimating in my day and know there is almost no way you can get an accurate price without having a full set of plans showing all the details involved. Working on a home without a home design and construction plan is like buying a car sight unseen. Not the greatest idea.

Some of you may may be hesitant to spend your money on a set of plans. How can you possibly know what you are getting? You may be planning on having your kitchen one way, the builder a different way, and your significant other a different idea altogether. The only way to have comfort and control of your planning process is to get all of your ideas on paper that can be understood by all parties. Why spend all of your hard earned money on an elusive idea when you can have someone clear up all the confusion with a 3D home design. Without a good set of plans, you may end up spending for it 10 fold down the line with change orders. To see how little it costs to save a lot down the road check out our pricing page.

What is in my Home Design Package?

All of the plans that we create will be carefully crafted in Chief Architect. The plans will including all information required for permit excluding engineering. With the home design plan, you will also receive up to 4 renders for each room and a birds eye render of each floor of your home. The plan will include...