Our Approach to Pricing

In setting our fees for architectural design services, we adopt a structured yet flexible strategy. Initially, we establish a set charge for the early design stage, ensuring our clients have a clear understanding of upfront costs. This includes several preset interactive sessions to refine concepts and align vision with reality.

Upon exhausting these planned sessions, further consultations are billed on a per-meeting basis, it is rare for this to occur. Following each of these meetings, revised drawings reflecting updates will be furnished to the client.

Transitioning the project from preliminary designs to detailed construction documents is also based on a set fee, reflecting the project's progression to a phase where the design is essentially finalized.

Design Stage Pricing Model
Initial Schematic Design Fixed Rate
Design Meetings (Included) Included in Fixed Rate
Additional Design Meetings Per Meeting Rate $200.00
Construction Document Phase Fixed Rate

Our method ensures clarity and fairness in our pricing, aligning with the creative and dynamic nature of architectural design.

Pricing for Personalized Home Designs

When calculating the expenses for tailor-made home plans, several variables influence the overall cost. The initial pricing begins at a baseline of $1.50 for each square foot but can increase based on the complexity of the design and the particular locality of the property, such as flood-prone zones or historic areas with stricter regulations and additional requirements.

  • Base Rate: Starting from $1.50/sq ft
  • Influencing Factors:
    • Design intricacy
    • Project's location
    • Regulatory considerations
  • Timeline: Variable based on the project's scope

Our charges adapt to the unique challenges presented by each home's vision, ensuring a functional and stunning living space that reflects your personal style. Whether you're planning a cozy bedroom or a spacious living room, our team manages every detail from initial consults to the final touches, aligning with your budget and timeline for a seamless design experience.

Cost Considerations for Interior Remodel

Prices begin at $1,000, scaling with scope of the project. Multiple rooms are discounted.

  • Typical project includes master bathrooms or kitchen remodels.
  • Floor plans, electrical plans & cabinet plans with renders are included in this package.
  • Average interior remodel has 1-2 interactive design meetings included depending upon the total scale of the project.

Costs of Structural Alterations

We begin at $1,500 for structural alterations within your existing home’s footprint. A project that falls into this category would be removing a wall to increase the size of a master bathroom or kitchen. The project would require an additional fee for structural engineering to be completed on the project.

  • Remove load bearing wall
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Expansion: Removal of walls for space integration.
  • Engineering: Separate cost for structural plan development.

Home Addition Design Costs

When considering an expansion of your living space, whether it's adding extra rooms, converting a garage or porch into a living area, or even building a second level, various factors influence the costs. Precise planning is crucial to anticipate possible challenges and ensure the project’s complexity is addressed during the planning phase.

  • Home Expansion: Starting at $2,000 for plan designs.
  • Depending upon the location of the project, plans will include:
    • Site Plans, Demo Plans, Proposed Plans, Electrical Plans, Roof Plans, Exterior elevations, Door & Window Schedule, RESCheck, and cabinet elevations.
  • Engineering: Separate cost for structural plan development. The price can be estimated at the start of construction, but a final cost will not be acquired until completion of the schematic design.

We recommend reaching out for detailed costings that reflect your specific aspirations.