Interior Design and Drafting Pricing

Below is a list of our estimate process.

Flood Discount Pricing (1st floor only) – (75¢) per SF (Minimum – $600.00)

Scope: Measure, Digitize, and create elevations to rebuild as-is

If home owner wants to remodel existing space add on ½ the cost of remodeling price

Remodel Package – (Minimum $650.00)

  1. Includes:
    1. Measure area of remodel & digitize plans
    2. Create conceptual plans based on scope provided by contractor & Home Owner
      1. As-Built, Proposed Floor plan, Electrical plan, Elevations & Conceptual Renders where requested.
    3. 2 Revisions included (excluding office meeting billed hourly)
      1. Additional revisions will be billed at $100.00 Per Hour
    4. Finalize plans for permit and construction
      1. If structural engineering is required additional costs will be added
    5. Pricing:
      1. 75 ¢ Per SF Base price
      2. Bathrooms Add $2.50 Per SF
      3. Kitchens Add $3.00 Per SF

Additions – ($1,000.00 minimum)

Call and discuss scope of work before price estimate can be given.

  1. Addition plans will Include:
    1. Existing/Proposed Site Plan, As-Built, Proposed plans, Interior and Exterior elevations, Proposed roof plan, Electrical plan and conceptual structural plan (Not stamped by engineer).
  2. Area’s with HOA’s may require additional hours of work. Interactive 3D Home Designs will not submit to the HOA, it will be home owner or builder’s responsibility.

Conceptual Renders – ($300.00 minimum)

Price varies depending on complexity and requirements of work.
New Construction – ($2,000.00)

Pricing ~ 1.25 – 1.50 per SF of new construction. Pricing is dependent on location and permit requirements.

To see Examples of view our Design Challenge Pages.

*There are discounts for multiple rooms in one project or for existing home plans being provided.

*If you have any questions regarding your project send us an e-mail and we will get back to you.