About Interactive 3D Home Designs?

Our firm, based in Lakeway, Texas, offers a peerless interactive experience in home design. Led by award-winning Houston-grown talent, we harness the latest software and design trends to create an unmatched virtual design journey. While we are based out of Austin, our services extend nationwide.

  • Service Areas: Nationwide with roots in Austin
  • Location: Lakeway, Texas
  • Distinctive Offerings:
    • Turnkey design solutions
    • Cost-effective services
    • Interactive Home Design packages
    • Real time conceptual renders
    • Full design package from concept to construction

We cater to builders and homeowners alike, crafting customized floor plans that bring your visions to life. Our interactive design solutions ensure a seamless design-to-build process, making us your trusted partner in home design.

Our Belief at 3D Home Designs

At 3D Home Designs, we adopt a client-centric approach to home design, where your vision is paramount. Our role is more than just consultants; we view ourselves as creative partners in bringing your desired living spaces to life. Our expertise is in blending our professional insight with your personal style preferences, ensuring that the final design distinctly reflects your taste.

  • Client Engagement: We encourage active participation in the design process, ensuring you're involved at every stage.
  • Flexibility in Style: We embrace a vast library of templates and materials, avoiding a one-style-fits-all approach. Our goal is not to design for ourselves, but to give you the best possible version of your own vision.
  • Professional Guidance: While advocating for your choices, we offer expert advice to enhance the project’s outcome.
  • 3D Modeling and Rendering: Utilizing cutting-edge 3D modeling, we provide clear views of future interiors and possible furnishing options.
  • Diverse Design Tools: Our platforms support both 2D floor planning and 3D rendering to aid in visualizing the space.

By leveraging technology and embracing your unique interior style, we aim to craft homes that are both aesthetically pleasing and deeply personal. Together, we can model a space that feels like a true extension of you.

Aaron Lytal - Owner of Interactive 3D Home Designs

The Founder of Interactive 3D Home Designs - Aaron Lytal

Aaron Lytal, the driving force behind Interactive 3D Home Designs, embarked on his design and building journey at the early age of 17. His initial experience was gained at Craftsmanship By John, a reputable Houston-based company where he honed his skills under the mentorship of esteemed industry veteran John Gillette.

Lytal's contributions to various projects did not go unnoticed, as many received local accolades for their excellence. His adeptness in the industry was further recognized before he reached 30, through the prestigious National Kitchen and Bath Association's (NKBA) 30 Under 30 Award.

At Interactive 3D Home Designs, Lytal leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance the home design experience. Our commitment is to deliver real-time, award-winning design solutions that reflect our blend of technological innovation and design expertise.


Common Inquiries on 3D Home Design Services

Duration of Our Service in 3D Home Design

We've been pioneering the field of 3D home design since 2017 when we first opened our doors in Houston, Texas. As of 2023, we have relocated our office to Lakeway, Tx, but still services Houston, Austin, and many other areas around the US. Through innovation and dedication, we've established ourselves as experienced professionals, continually adapting to advancing technologies in home design.

Time Frame for Designing a 3D Project (Excluding engineering)

Design Complexity: Estimated Duration:
Simple projects A few days
Kitchen Designs & Small Additions A couple of weeks
Custom homes, large additions 3-6 weeks
  • The timeframe can vary based on project complexity and our current workload. Custom 3D designs require careful attention to detail, which can impact the total design time. Timeline is also dependent upon the clients availability. The more time put in thinking about your design, the quicker the design process will go. Items like Idea books, or Pinterest boards can go a long way to shortening the time frame of the design process.

Availability for New Design Projects

  • Immediate Availability: Typically we are able to start meetings as soon as we are able to schedule a site visit (for remodels) or have the initial consultation for new constructions.
  • Waitlist: Sometimes, due to high demand, or holidays, there may be a short waitlist of 1 - 2 weeks before we are able to start your project.

Offering Pre-Designed 3D Floor Plans

  • Custom Designs: Primarily, we focus on creating bespoke plans tailored to our clients' specific needs.
  • Pre-Designed Options: A selection of pre-designed floor plans may be available to accommodate various styles and preferences. Edits may be done to pre-existing plans on a case by case basis.

Creation Process of a 3D Home Plan

  1. Initial Consultation: We discuss your vision, requirements, and preferences to ensure we capture the essence of your dream home.
  2. Site Analysis: We perform a comprehensive assessment of your plot to optimize the design for the location.
  3. Schematic Phase: Our team drafts a preliminary 3D model, highlighting spatial planning and architectural features.
  4. Client Feedback: You review the initial model and provide feedback, which we incorporate into the design.
  5. Construction Drawings: We refine the 3D plan, perfecting details until your envisioned home design is fully realized. Additional details like Schedules & Details are added.
  6. Delivery: The complete Home plan is provided to you, ready for your chosen contractor to bring to life.
  7. Permitting: During the permit phase we will be ready to make any adjustments requested by the permitting authority, and provide a quick turnaround for resubmission.
  8. Construction: We will continue to field any questions during the construction process, and work with the contractor to navigate the plans to finalize the project.