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Virtual Reality Showrooms

Virtual Showrooms

While I was still in college five years ago, most people considered virtual reality to be more of a technology out of science fiction rather than something with practical application. With the advent of much more powerful smartphones and incredible, yet simple, innovations such as google cardboard (And the software associated with it) virtual reality is at everyone’s finger tips. According to leading industry experts, the future of today’s modern brick and mortar showrooms will soon start transitioning to Virtual Showrooms.

Virtual showrooms will become available even in your living room

One of the first places you are likely to see virtual reality showrooms is in the auto industry. Being able to look around and click on a car and find out all the specifications will really help in streamlining the process for dealerships. As the VR showrooms begin to take a foothold in the design industry more and more companies will create apps or programs that allow for your average home owner to look at the best they have to offer in a single location. They will be able to display their products in a way that no website could ever show.

As virtual showrooms become more prevalent you will see companies spend more time and money on creating 3D representations for all their inventory. This will allow designers to take the files you select direct from virtual showrooms and load them directly into the plan your interior designer made.

Virtual reality is better than online shopping on every level

Although many mistake virtual reality showrooms with online shopping, this technology is more efficient and better for customers. The virtual showrooms give a new style of visibility to the home owner. You no longer have to go in or call and hope they have what you are looking for in stock, a virtual showroom should always have any item that the company can provide. Imagine standing in a room and being able to look at 2 tubs, side by side from all angles. Being able to walk around and see the shape, size, and contours in a way that 2d images and videos just can’t provide. This is the future many companies are working to create.

The virtual reality showrooms are presenting products in a whole other dimension than the one we already know. This will hopefully lead to easier access to information and details of all items that can go in your home and beyond.

Are you ready to experience your new home?

From my own personal experience, I cannot spend a large sum of money without getting to trying out, test driving or at the very least seeing the product I am getting. With the push towards virtual show rooms, lots more objects and cad files will be available to designers to take what you found in the virtual showroom and place them directly into your home plan. No longer will you have to wonder how your bar stools fit with your kitchen countertop, you will have it clearly shown to you with your home plans.

One application similar to virtual showrooms that will soon be a reality is virtual home tours. Soon, you will be able to walk through your potential new home from VR Glasses and see if it is worth an in person visit. This saves an incredible amount of time for those that are moving to a different location where they do not have the ability to look at homes before arriving.

Virtual reality is a technology with massive potential that will take over the world in near future

We are just beginning to scratch the surface of the power of virtual reality. So many applications, for now, are limited by the software and hardware that is provided at the moment. One thing to remember is that a computer today may be half as strong as one 2 years from now (Moore’s Law). I do not believe we will ever see the world completely go away from the traditional brick and mortar showroom just as you see a lot of people still go to libraries rather than using E-books but believe in 4-6 years you will start to see more and more resources being allocated in the virtual world. To see what 3D renders can be created using items from a virtual showroom take a look at our galleries.

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