Business to Business Design Services

At Interactive 3D Home Designs, we provide top of the line business to business design services for Builders, Contractors, and Designers. Feel as if you have your own team of draftsman, renderers and designers to suit any and every one of your daily needs. From Initial consultations to permit and construction, we will be with you the entire way.

We office custom plan services which can include your own companies information in the title card and any additional information you would like on the plans. We know your company is the star and do not want to take away from that in any way.

For High volume clients (20+ projects per year), we create custom marketing videos and material that you can send to potential client's to showcase the different features that we bring to the table.

Client Engagement

One of the biggest benefits of our design and render services is our client engagement. We believe client engagement is a key to high sales numbers and happy customers. With our design style, there is no dip in the action. We consistently provide updates and keep the client engaged and hyped about the entire process. The longer the clients have to wait for information the less excited they become. We want to keep them excited at the prospect of your project.

Design meetings

We can provide both in person and virtual design meetings. With the use of mobile workstations we can host design meetings in your own office. This is a perfect situation to showcase your staff and make them comfortable with their decisions.

If it works easier for the clients we offer virtual design meetings where neither your project manager or the clients have to leave their office or home. This is an incredibly valuable tool for those that are always on the go and work often.

Volume Discounts

We support both low volume and high volume clients. For volume of more than 7 projects per year, we offer discounts. Contact us to find out more.

Why interior design is so important

Interior design is one of the most important parts of a home, not only for making a home unique but for overall visual appeal and better functionality as well. When we work with you and your clients to help design their home, we make sure that the client is part of the process and that the finished design accurately reflects all of the client's desires.

Some clients have just purchased a new home and are seeking a creative and innovative new interior design to give them that fresh feeling. When the client is at this point, that's where we come in. Our wide range of knowledge and design expertise matched with the rapport we build with the client help you to make the new home feel like their dream house.

We have a large body of designs and the ability to be flexible and accommodate many client requests and desires. If the client is happy, we're just as happy too.

Affordable and high quality

Renovations, remodeling and designing can cost people seeking to revitalize their home quite a large sum of money (the proverbial "arm and a leg"). We can help ensure that there aren’t unnecessary expenses, though! The highly accurate 3D modeling we provide helps to cut down on delays and expensive misunderstandings between builders and their clients. Getting the job done on time, on budget and without unpleasant surprises makes everyone happier.

Our prices are competitive, and we'll be there to make sure the design is perfect in every way. Our volume discounts help you save even more money. Some of the builders and designers we work with have a large variety of interior design projects they need done during the course of a year, while others have only a few interior design projects they need done, or perhaps even just one. Whatever the number of projects clients need done, we are here to help.

Clients can expect our undivided attention, our remarkable quality and an interior design that leaves them completely and utterly satisfied. And we wouldn't have it any other way!