Our Interactive Home Design

Our Interactive Home Design Approach

The favorite part of our job (other than seeing the final product) is getting to run our interactive home design meetings. It is one of the hardest things to describe because everyone has a different expectation of what an interactive design meeting should be. Some people believe it is just sitting down over paper plans and drawing on them in order to make notes about all the changes that you want, and some people think the plans should be changing right before their eyes. Here at Interactive 3D Home Designs we go by the latter of the two options. By doing the majority of the work right in front of your eyes it saves your time and your money.

We were fortunate to have been able to go on the radio in Houston to explain a bit about our process.

Home Cents ~25 minutes In Talking about the Design process with Jesse from Del-Cielo Homes

Home Cents ~50 Minutes In Talking about the Design process with Jesse from Del-Cielo Homes

It is a unique experience that is difficult to put into words. The only true way to experience the process is by experiencing it first hand! Home design and planning will never be the same after you see all the benefits of Interactive Home Designing.

Interactive Home Design 3D Home Design GIF

One of the biggest compliments we always hear from clients after finishing their project is that we listened to them. With the interactive nature of our design it would be impossible not to! If you want to see something in your plans we draw it right in front of you in minutes! Why wait 3 weeks for something that you could confirm an idea in 3 minutes. Not only do you see it on the plans you can see it in 3D as well. With the world moving to everything having instant gratification, why shouldn't your design process be the exact same way.

Benefits of Interactive Home Design

  • Be heard! How can they not listen when they are designing with you!
  • Be a part of the team. Your ideas matter!
  • Reinforce the right decisions by seeing how designs go wrong during the design process.
  • Be conscious of the budget as you are designing.
  • Test out different textures on the fly!
  • It is really fun!

Downsides to Interactive Designs

  • People have complained moving fast in 3D can make them queasy
  • Can be somewhat overwhelming with that much information in a short time frame

What happens after the Interactive Home Design Meetings

Once the fun part is out of the way we go back to the office and begin to format the home plans in a way that is easy to understand. Typically within a few days of the meeting we package the schematic plan and renders together for your viewing and review.

During this time we send you a client viewer and conceptual renders so you can reflect over all of the design ideas discussed in the design meeting.

Once all the schematic plans have been signed off on we begin creating the final floor plans. What goes into the floor plan will depend on the requirements for a permit.

Every project is going to have a different time line so I can not sit here and guarantee we can design concept plans for your 2800 SF home in one 3 hour meeting, although it has been done before. The best way to understand this process is to experience it first hand. Contact Us to set up your initial consultation!