7 Home Trends to Give Your Home a Facelift

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Top 7 Home Trends to Give Your Home a Facelift

Paying off your mortgage early may sound great. But for many Americans, it’s actually unwise to spend that money on an early mortgage payoff. The better value sometimes, is investing. And with these great new home trends to invest in, you can increase the value of your home. Plus, you will feel the benefit of that investment every day of the year. Follow these home design trends and you’ll love spending time in your home.

1. Modular Closets

Closets designs that grow with you!

How much time most of us spend in our closets? It’s no wonder that some attention there can change the feel of your home. You may never have a huge walk in closet like the celebrities of the world but with very limited additions can add a lot to your comfort of living. Unfortunately, most existing homes have a limited space for closets that can not be added to without a larger remodel. Fortunately, so many companies today have created amazing accessories that allow lots of function in a little space! Using something as easy to work with as the elfa system gives you a lot of flexibility. Allow your closet to grow with your reorganize and reorder it when you need to.

No more getting stuck with fixed shelving, modular closet systems are the way to go!

2. Smart Lights

Set your own lighting mood and take control of your lights!

Lighting is a sure-fire way to change the look of a space without a large investment. Photographers can change the look of a portrait with the small adjustment in their light so why cant you do the same with your home. There are now so many options with lighting that you can set any kind of mood or tone that you want!

Switch out your dreary lighting with smart lighting. Not only will this give you better lighting in the space it also helps with your ease of living. With modern conveniences you can even talk to your lighting when you come home. Give yourself the feeling of living in a Sci-Fi movie by talking to your home and having it listen.

3. Modular Furniture

Furniture that gives you freedom!

Not all home trends are going to be fixed in your home. If every day you go home and you are tired of looking at your old dingy furniture it may be time to make the big switch. This may not add directly to the value of your home but having nice furniture helps with staging and makes for an easy sale. You also get to take it when you once you move. Switching out your old furniture for newer pieces can truly bring out the full potential of your home. Make a list of what needs to be changed out per room and focus on your home room by room.

Modular furniture brings a much needed ability home owners. Peoples mood and needs change on a day to day basis, so why shouldn’t our furniture be able to change with it.

Be wary about the shape, size and use of each piece you get. Spend time putting together a furniture plan or hiring an interior decorator to help you with your home decorating.

4. Wallpaper

Not just for grandma anymore!

If you associate wallpaper with your grandmother’s house, it’s time to think again. Wallpaper has come a long way and offers simple ways to upgrade an interior space. New metallic and textured wallpaper give a look that blends seamlessly with almost any design style. Utilize a faux finished wallpaper to save money from having hiring a painting specialist.

Adding wallpaper to an accent wall is a simple way to make that room pop!

5. Hidden Doors

Create functional space with your own secret door!

A hidden door is one of the most fun things to have in your home. Adding a Murphy door to your space can give you that secret entrance to your office/bedroom that you have always dreamed of. Hide your door with a bookshelf or paneling, there are so many options and ideas to give you the entrance to your secret abode.

6. Tiles & Wall Paneling

Bring your space to life with new tiles and paneling!

Tiles aren’t just for floors and shower walls anymore. Using tiles as a pattern design for walls, or partial space dividers in a home is a unique way to upgrade your home. Create an accent wall with a wood look paneling like stikwood. Products nowadays can be so easy to install for someone with just a few tools and a DIY attitude.

There are so many affordable tiles that everyone can have access to. No need to spend $$$ on that beautiful marble tile for your wall when you can find something similar in a porcelain for half the cost. Every homeowner can bring a new texture to their home with tiles.

7. Paint

One of the longest lived home trends.

Painting your home is always going to be a new trend due to how many color options there can be. Every year there are drastically different colors that designers are using, which is easiest to see by looking at the Pantone color of the year over the last decade.

This is one of the most difficult home changes to do properly because it interacts heavily with everything else in the room. Changing wall colors may require you to switch out some furniture or even change cabinetry finish to give you the desired look. If done right a new coat of paint has the ability to change an entire room from drab to fab. The colors of a room can set the mood for everything else inside of it.

Don’t Leave Any Home Trends to Chance

Even the greatest home improvement project can backfire if they aren’t suited for your home. And with Americans spending over $5,000 per year on home improvement that’s a lot of money to waste.

You want to make sure the project will look great when it’s done. Interactive 3D Home Designs can help. We are a full-service interactive home design firm committed to bringing you one of the most unique interactive home design experiences there is to offer.

Don’t go it alone when it comes to your home. Reach out to us today.