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Introducing 3D Home Designs Design Blog

Welcome to the new Interactive 3D Home Designs Home Design blog where we will do our best to explain all facets of the design and building industry (we will probably throw in some other stuff just for fun). These blog posts may not always fall in line with what the companies primary function(Our planning, design and rendering services) is but should be primarily used as an educational tool to help you understand this complicated industry.

The message of our design blog

Our goal is to make homeowners, designers, builders and everyone in between to be on the same level of knowledge. All too often there is a large knowledge gap between those providing the work and those needing it. The information we provide will help you better communicate with us or any other designer/builder you may end up moving forward with. We want homeowners to be happy and educated even if they do not use our services.

To achieve this feat we will provide tips and tricks from a designer, builder, and home owners prospective that you can use to better enjoy your home.

A bit about our design blog writer

In a lot of these blog posts, you may see references to I and may be curious about who that is referring to. I am the owner and founder of Interactive 3D Home designs and my name is Aaron Lytal. I got started in the design industry when I was hired to dig ditches in high school but on my first day in I was asked to sit behind a desk with Chief Architect on it and have been at a desk like that ever since. I received my degree from the University of Oklahoma. Throughout the year’s many projects I have been involved in were nominated and won the Prism awards, Texas star awards and many others. In 2016 I was fortunate to have been named one of the National Kitchen and Bath Associations 30 Under 30 and was able to take a trip to Las Vegas to attend KBIS.

Our design challenge

We will be challenging ourselves to design certain rooms or homes with criteria submitted by you the readers. Some of the challenges will be recorded to show a first-hand account of our design process. Take a look at one of our first design challenges and see how we design a custom bed to meet all of the clients requirements!

Free Home Plans

We understand that it may be a difficult task to spend money on a set of plans, especially when you do not know what the quality is. Because of this, we will be adding in free home plans for our readers along with little notes as to how to read them and why we did what we did. We believe our design work can be a beneficial tool to help educate everyone. If you find a set of plans that you like and would like to tailor make it to your situation contact us and let us know what we can do to help.

Future use and design blog features

In our blog, we plan on covering these future topics just to list a few. Kitchen designs, Bathroom Designs, Cabinetry construction, home decorating design tips, different finishes and where they work best, and 3D renderings impact on the construction industry. Covering so many topics we hope people you use this is a great resource when planning their future projects. Check back and see what new information we have to share and give yourself the best knowledge to move forward with your project! If you would like to have us write an article about anything please send us an e-mail and let us know.

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