Chief Architect Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Goals

A few weeks ago I saw a blog post on the Chief Architect website for one of their monthly design contests, this one being for KITCHEN/BATH & INTERIOR DESIGN. Since I first started in the industry solely working on Kitchen and bath designs I decided to go back to my roots and give it a shot (Spoiler, I did not win. The winner is based on Facebook votes and I do not have the greatest Facebook presence). Some goals I had for myself while designing this was to explore my own style. More often than not a client is not going to have your own design style, so you need to be able to adapt to any style or client. This made the contest a unique experience for me to draw something for myself.


  1. Glass enclosed wine room between dining room and Kitchen w/ Wine fridge
  2. Vaulted Ceiling
  3. Skylights to bring in natural light
  4. Island seating
  5. Range as a focal piece w/ book matched marble backsplash
  6. Combination of Shelved storage & cabinet storage
  7. Window wall w/ side yard access

It was an enjoyable process being able to design something on my own with no input and I plan on doing more of the chief design contests in the future. Below you will find a list of some of the fixtures & appliances that I used in the project.


Kitchen Size:

Wine Room Size:

Dining Room Size:

Ceiling Height:



Sink Faucet:


Bar Sink:

Bar Sink Faucet:


Wine Fridge:


Countertop Material (1):

Countertop Material (2):