Best ways to bring life to your outdoor space

Beautiful outdoor space

Best ways to bring life to your outdoor space

Decorating an outdoor space can be a challenge. Forget about the work required to get your backyard looking nice, we all know how backbreaking landscaping or gardening work can be. This is about our outdoor living and entertaining space. If you’re ready to take on the challenge and give your yard a new look, read on for a quick look at seven simple ways to bring new life to your outdoor living space.

Add Some Color to Your Outdoor Space

Bringing in colors from nature can brighten up your outdoor space. Different shades also have documented psychological effects on viewers. Set the mood you are going for by adding colorful flowers or a statement furniture piece. Too often people stick with the simple black, white or tan. Go against the norm and put your personal touch on your outdoor space.

Utilize natural wood colors or a soft blue for the ceiling to your outdoor living space. A soft blue finish for your ceiling can also limit the amount of insect that decide to call your ceiling home. There is no science that I have found that directly show this to be true but my firsthand experience makes me believe it’s true.

Go Hygge

Many outdoor spaces have a dull look that’s often closer in appearance to the front lawn of an office building than a family home. Try going with a “hygge” (pronounced hoo-gah) look in your outdoor living space. This design trend–derived from a Danish term for comfort or coziness–is all about creating a comfortable, intimate, and homey space.

Create a sitting space around a fireplace where you can take time to slow down and enjoy the comfort of friends and family. Utilize soft and cheery colors throughout your outdoor space to give an uplifting feel. Take time out from your busy life and Hygge with friends and family to give balance to your life. This is more than just a design style, this is a different way of life.

Add a Running Water Feature

A water feature helps an outdoor space stand out. In Texas the only kind of water feature that you would consider would have to have running water. Anything that is not running is just going to be a safe haven for mosquitoes which is the opposite of what you want for your outdoor living space.

While you could try adding a simple feature or pond, a tiered water feature adds an element of sound on top of the visuals. Create your own personal oasis and relax to the sounds of a waterfall while you sit with a nice book in your backyard. Some water features do require a large investment in both time and money. Prepare yourself if you go this route and check with a pro for your best options.

Create Unique Pathways

If you have a large outdoor space that is connected through pathways make them a statement. Add accent lighting along the path with bright colorful flower beds to give you a decorative path that connects your yard. Add an arbor to your pathway to create an intimate spot to share with your special someone.

Use natural stepping-stones to connect areas that people could enjoy. Connect your main outdoor entertainment space with benches in your yard that showcase the beautify of your home.

Add Sitting Areas

If you want to add an inviting and unique touch to your outdoor space, try incorporating a few seating areas throughout your yard. Simple patio furniture will work or if it fits your style, try some stone seating. If you’re feeling creative, try building your own seating right into the yard. Such a small addition can drastically increase the flexibility of your outdoor entertainment space.

Add Some Fun

Add some entertainment for all that visit your home. No matter what age, nearly everyone loves to play outdoors. Find out what suits you most and figure out the best way to incorporate it in your backyard. There are many simple DIY things you can add to your backyard to increase the fun level. Try working in a horseshoe pit, cornhole court, or set aside an area for volleyball or badminton.

If you are willing to scale it up a bit and hire a contractor, you may want to consider installing a pool in your back yard. If a pool seems a bit dangerous for you consider installing a small putting green in the backyard to enjoy for years to come.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most enjoyable additions to any outdoor space is going the be an outdoor kitchen. If you are planning on staying in your home for more than 5 years, and love to entertain outdoors this is a must. You are not going to get 100% of your investment back but with a ~55% and years of enjoyment it becomes well worth the initial investment. An outdoor kitchen with outdoor furniture can make your home the new hot spot for you and your friends!

There are many things to consider when you are designing your outdoor kitchen. Do I want a built-in grill or do I want it to be able to move? Am I going to need propane tanks or can I hook it up directly to gas. Do I need a fridge, or is it easy to access cold beverages inside. We can help with any questions you may have and show you the true potential of your outdoor living space with our interactive home design.

Design Your Own Outdoor Dream

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