Shower Wall Options

Shower Wall Options

Changing Your Home's Shower

Changing the shower in your home and getting a new shower is important when it comes to improving the way that your bathroom looks. Before you can make any changes, though, you have to have a plan in place. You will need to figure out which type of shower you want to have put in and whether or not it is going to have a tub for you to take baths.

Working with expert bathroom designers like 3D Home Designs makes it incredibly easy to decide on the best way to upgrade your shower, whether it’s in your master bathroom, guest bathroom or the kids’ bathroom.

Shower Installation Options

There are many of different options available to you when you're looking to get a new shower. For example, you can go with a frameless shower that is more decorative, or you can choose a corner shower. You might want to look into adding gorgeous shower doors to your shower as well. This not only gives your bathroom a more attractive appearance overall, but also makes it easier to get in and out of the shower or tub without getting water everywhere.

No matter what kind of shower you choose for yourself, it is important to choose the right company to design it for you. 3D Home Designs has the expertise to do your shower design with professionalism and quality, and we also listen to the homeowner’s needs and preferences – we give you all the shower wall options to choose from, but we don’t try to influence your choices. We make plans that are easy for your remodeler to work with. The result is a truly beautiful shower that’s just the way you want it to look and function.

Types of Shower Options

The shower installation is going to be a lot easier than you might think, especially if you go with a choice that can be put onto the existing tub and shower. But if you have a specific type of new shower in mind for your bathroom remodel, just ask us about what’s possible! We’ll explain your shower door and shower wall options, as well as any other choices you can make so you can get the very best new shower for your needs and budget.

Take a look at the shower remodel options below and get an idea of what kind of new shower you’d like to have. Then give us a call for an estimate on our professional bathroom design services!

Shower Wall Options

You may think that choosing the look of your shower walls may be easy but there end up being quite a few different shower wall options to choose from. A shower can be anything from the focal point of a bathroom to an eye sore if done incorrectly. There are so many details in a shower that can lead to many issues down the road or a home spa experience. There are 3 main designs that I suggest in creating your shower wall. Those 3 are full glass shower enclosure, pony wall shower, and full wall enclosures. You will most likely use one of these or a combination of the 3 to create your beautiful shower.

Full Wall Enclosure

Shower Pony Wall

Glass Shower Enclosure

Full Glass Shower Enclosure

A full glass enclosure is a beautiful statement in a bathroom If utilized correctly. Although they can be on the pricier side it allows you to show off the beautiful craftsmanship and tile work of your shower. Let the natural light in while you shower and feel one with your bathroom.


  1. Get the luxurious spa feeling of being one with the rest of your bathroom.
  2. A seamless shower enclosure becomes nearly unseen and allows the bathroom to feel much larger while inside or outside of the shower.
  3. You are less likely to worry about any kind of mold due or stains due to it being easy to clean and having few nooks & cranny's.

Although beautiful there are a few drawbacks and things to consider on a full glass enclosure.


  1. If you are remodeling you may not be able to find a shower enclosure that fits in your exact space leaving you to have odd filler pieces or require you to fabricate a custom enclosure.
  2. With a custom glass enclosure, you must pay close attention to the location of the hinges. Hinges that connect glass to glass can cost substantially more than hinges that connect to tile.
  3. There are coatings that you can put on the glass, but they will still require more cleaning than your tile to keep them looking clear.
  4. You have less space to place a shower niche. If you have 3 glass walls and the 4th is an exterior wall you may think twice about installing a shower niche.
  5. Be wary of where you install the valve & trim kit. You do not want to have to walk fully into the shower and get a cold blast of water just to turn the shower on.

Shower Pony Wall

The shower pony wall is the in-between of both options that can get you the best of both worlds. Get the feel of privacy while still having the ability to look out and avoid that claustrophobic feel. In my mind this gives you the most flexibility with your shower.

  1. Get the best of both worlds. Have the ability to see out in your shower while still having valuable wall space for fixtures.
  2. For those that are a bit shy it gives you security being partly covered without feeling claustrophobic.
  3. Allows you to create unique tile designs on the outside while still showcasing the inside of your shower.
  4. Gives you a nice ledge that doubles as a shelf for extra storage in the shower.
  5. Allows you to have your shower valves right at your entrance to for a huge quality of life boost.
  1. Requires either a bull-nose edge tile (which is not always available) or some cap to finish off the pony wall.
  2. On a smaller ceiling the glass section may become too small to give the desired effect.
  3. Limits door options with glass centered on the pony wall.
  4. Almost always custom which is going to cost more money.
Pony Wall Shower Bullnose Tile Cap
Bullnose Edge Cap Option
Pony Wall Shower Countertop Cap
Countertop Cap Option

Full Tile Enclosure

A full tiled enclose is my least favorite option with the one except of a car-wash shower (Unfortunately not many people have room for a 12’ long shower).

  1. Easy placement for benches, shower fixtures and niches as all of the walls are now usable space.
  2. If done correctly can give you the feel of being in a grotto, a private enclave for yourself.
  3. Separates you from the bathroom and for those that are shy gives you more privacy.
  4. Price can be the cheapest of the 3 options if you are not splurging on tile.
  1. Claustrophobic feeling, you can see only as far as your shower.
  2. Hides a lot of the work done in the shower.
  3. Not aesthetic in most cases.
  4. Can give the feel of a smaller room by blocking sight lines.

Other Things to consider

In most cases the best fit will be a combination of all three shower wall options. If you are struggling to figure out which options works best for your space make sure to drop us a line, we can definitely help you solve your dilemma. One of the biggest benefits of our design solution is that within the span of one meeting you can see all 3 options for your bathroom. Answer all of your decisions by seeing all the possible shower wall options. Contact Us now and see how we can help you today!