Modern Bath Design Challenge Final

Concept Modern Bathroom design challenge

Final Plans for the Modern Bath Design challenge #1

It took a bit longer to finish the modern bath design challenge because of Hurricane Harvey. Fortunately, I was able to finally sit down today and finish the challenge. If you have not been following the first two updates on the design challenge be found at the links below.

Time Frame

The total challenge took a total of 4 hours – Rendering time included, (It actually would have been shorter if not for Flash, the company dog, tripping over a power cable). Imagine being able to have a remote meeting or sit down and person and get the bulk of your design done in 1 hour. Leave knowing what you expect to get for the final set of plans (A lot of the detailed plan work takes up the bulk of the time). No more back and forth in e-mails, all done in real time right before your eyes at Interactive 3D Home Designs. To get a sense of how the design flows watch the first video of this challenge here.

Modern Bath Design Timer

Final Steps

Since the last post on this challenge, we were at a good point to start added details to the plan. We created a detailed soffit to match with our cabinets and linen and created all the finishes for the shower. Once the details were all in place all that was needed was to add the elevations and dimensions that you will find in the plan.


If you would like to download the set to look at you can find them at Modern Bathroom Design Challenge #1.

Design Challenge 1


Plumbing Fixture Schedule

Below you will find a list of all of the plumbing fixtures that were used in this design.

I went with KOHLER for all of the plumbing fixtures because I am a firm believer and buying all fixtures from a singular company. This keeps the finishes similar as well as the styles. There are certain situations where you can stray from this but most often it is best to keep it all similar.

Toilet – KOHLER Veil Wall-Hung elongated toilet bowl

We went with the Kohler Veil wall hung toilet because we believe it fit best with the style of the room. Its sleek lines and wall mounted profile fits perfectly with the vanity style we are searching for.

Sink – KOHLER Verticyl Rectangular Undermount

We chose the Kohler Verticyl under mount sink for 2 reasons. (1) Undermount is incredibly clean and allows the counter-top to stay at one continuous level. And (2) the rectangular shape keeps with the clean lines of the rest of the bathroom.

Sink Faucet – KOHLER Stillness Widespread Lavatory Faucet

You can not go wrong with the Stillness widespread faucet.

Bath Tub – KOHLER Reve Freestanding Bath

An absolute stunning freestanding tub. If you are looking for something to be a focal piece of your bathroom this fits the bill without question.

Tub Filler – KOHLER Purist Floor-Mount Bath Filler

I was choosing between the Purist and stillness floor mounted tub fillers and my choice may still change. Part of the beauty in the software we use is changing each out to see what works best can be done instantly and give you the peace of mind you need.

Shower Head – KOHLER Purist Shower head

We went with Purist again as it matches with the tub filler that was chosen. Given the size of the shower that we are working with we may end up adding in a rain shower as well.

Valve Trim – KOHLER Purist Flow control & Thermostatic

In the average bathroom a valve just serves a purpose. In a beautiful bathroom they add to the aesthetics of the room. The purist shower trim valves add extra detail to an already beautiful shower.

Finish schedules are included on the plan